Is your desk covered in coffee stained colour coded spreadsheets? Are you dreaming about stand layouts and display merchandise?

We’re no mind readers over here at Mascot HQ but chances are the countdown is officially on for your chance to showcase your glorious brand at one of this year’s hottest trade shows! 

So, this month we’re taking a look at the key checkpoints that can help you save time, money and a whole lot of stress throughout the event.

Before The Event

Set Manageable, Measurable and Meaningful Objectives.

Whether it is meeting new prospects, catching up with current customers or raising your brand’s profile, identify your goals and think about how the Return On Objectives (ROO) will be measured. 

Before the event, write down the goals and the steps needed to achieve them. This helps put you in control of outcomes and the processes used to achieve these outcomes. They need to be realistic and based around a set of core values. Decide on what values are most important and communicate them to everyone working on the event. Open communication will help your event team feel not only valued, but motivated to work hard to achieve your common objectives.

Be Socially Savvy.

One of the most prominent shifts in the events industry is the growing incorporation of social media into planning. As a result, a well thought-out social media event marketing strategy is integral to planning and executing successful events.

Research and connect with your prospects before the event. Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter and get a feel for what makes them tick by the content they write and people they follow. People buy from people, so the importance of understanding your customer’s habits to help build a meaningful relationship cannot be underestimated. Make your presence at the event known through these channels so attending delegates remember you.

During The Event

Use Suitable and Experienced Event Staff.

Ok yes, not much of a surprise coming from a staffing agency like MASCOT…but it’s impossible to underestimate the importance of using the right staff to represent your brand and communicate your brand message. Ensure your team are proactive, personable and have a genuine interest in your product so they showcase your brand in a meaningful and memorable manner. Always ask your chosen staffing agency to provide profiles of shortlisted candidates for your consideration.

Engage With The Senses.

Did you know that we recall what we smell for much longer than any of the other senses? We’re not saying make your stand smell like your product or service, but it certainly pays to inject a little creativity into your stand to help you stand out from the competitors and be the brand everyone is shouting about on social media. 

If you are stuck for ideas, then speak to your event staff agency for advice and suggestions. The most reputable staff agencies live and breathe exhibitions and trade shows, so tap into their knowledge to help you stand out against your competitors.

Step Away and Schmooze.

One of the many benefits of working with a staffing agency is that you have trusted support to manage your event stand in your absence. Trade events are fantastic opportunities to step away from your stand, have a little snoop at your competitors and make new connections in an informal setting, so don’t forget those business cards.

After The Event

Say Thank You!

Update your social media platforms thanking all of those who visited your stand and include fun pictures of delegates and your staff from the event. Follow up with all leads generated at the event in a personable and relevant way.

Post Event Wrap Up

After the event, ask your event staff agency to produce an evaluation document containing both qualitative and quantitative data. This should include learnings, return on investment calculation, and recommendations for future campaigns. This information will be invaluable to review when planning for your next trade show.

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