Hey folks! This month we ask one of our top Mascots, Raqhael, about all the important things in life...like time travel and Alexander Skarsgard.

Tell us something a little quirky about yourself or something you've done!

I once rescued a chicken from under a car and kept her as a pet, we named her 'Clucky' and she would eat digestive biscuits! She was great! 

Why work with Mascot?

Chance to do Promo Work with an Edinburgh based company that is professional and run by experienced managers. The company will help me network and learn new concepts of business branding.

How do you think brand ambassadors can help bring a brand to life?

Brand Ambassadors can bring a brand to life by knowing what the brand is/does. They should show enthusiasm and good customer relations when presenting this as a Mascot employee. 

If you were a brand what would be your motto?

As I am my own brand, as a self-employed actress, my motto is 'Big Mistake. Big. Huge. ' - whenever I'm dealing with rejection from acting work, it helps me move on.

Where would you go in a time machine?

The swinging 1920's, Chicago, be a gangster's wife with a feather in my hair! Haha! 

What are 3 items you would take to a desert island, not including food and water?

1. Alexander Skarsgard... As he has just filmed Tarzan, he can swing through the trees and collect my fruit....mmmmm! 

2. Unlimited supply of bikinis!

3. My Games console!

What’s your favourite movie quote? - 

My favorite movie quote is from the 1933 movie, King Kong - "Oh no, it wasn't the airplanes. It was Beauty killed the Beast."