Reputation Building & Finding Your Tribe

Reputation Building


The days of high pressure fast selling are swiftly becoming a long and distant memory ; we live in an era of hyper connectedness where everyone has accessibility to almost all the available information quite literally at the touch of a button.  Similarly, shoppers have access to choice like never before. 

In this new world arguably the most valuable commodity is reputation. 

This shift demands an important focus on two key areas…

1. Education based marketing.  The opportunity to position your company as an authority on the industry. In this Reputation Economy we find ourselves living in there lies an exciting opportunity to showcase and celebrate your company’s USP and become the voice of value in your marketplace. 

2. Relationship building. Shifting the focus from hard sales to trusted brand advisor and advocate builds a loyal relationship with the target market and sets the company apart from competitors who aren’t capitalising on the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

So, what next?

A great way to cultivate your brand’s reputation is by injecting theatre into the customer journey. From a lively, well informed product demonstration in-store to a ‘surprise and delight’ style giveaway these moments will help strengthen brand loyalty and increase reputation.

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