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Lara Mascot Staff
Our legendary Lara tells us a little bit about life as a member of the Mascot Field Team


Hello! I’m Lara! 

I’m a professional actress who is always seeking new, fun and memorable experiences! Since I come from a performance based background a day in my life is never the same. Only one thing is consistent and that is forever wishing I was a little bit taller… wish I was a baller (sorry, I had to). Despite being small, I have a big heart and I find great pleasure in all the simpler things in life! I also love anything sparkly or fluffy and can be found cuddling all the nearby dogs.

I have been in the promotional and events industry for years and have worked for many, many clients! I love getting to meet all different people from all walks of life and how every day/campaign is something new and exciting. The promotional industry is forever changing and it keeps me on my toes (not just for extra height)! 

Over the years Mascot has always shown professionalism. They are a highly personable company combined with great support and communication.They truly are a unique agency and it has always been a pleasure to work for them.

From handing out protein yoghurts to working VIP events, Mascot covers it all. But, if I had to pick, my favourite campaign I had the privilege to work on was presenting for the ‘Great Time Game’ in Edinburgh. It consisted of a giant board game complete with giant dice and prizes galore! As always, I’m sure the next job will be just as fun!

P.S. I’m 5ft incase you’re wondering.

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